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Quality hotels are just one of type of lodging that Petersburg Alaska offers with experienced staff ready to assist you in planning your Alaska vacation.

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Tides Inn


Mailing Address:
Tides Inn
P.O. Box 1048
Petersburg, AK

Physical Address:
Tides Inn
1st & Dolphin St.
Petersburg, AK

Phone Numbers:
Toll Free 800-665-8433
Local (907) 772-4288
Fax (907) 772-4286

Scandia House
Petersburg, Alaska

When Alaska Bob and his family first moved to Petersburg, Ak in 1987, they stayed for a short time at the Tides Inn Hotel.  The Tides Inn was highly recommended by local Petersburg residents as a good place for a family to stay for quality accommodations as well as the hotels convenient location to downtown services.  Arriving in the middle of the night, on the Alaska Ferry, the convenient location factor of the Tides Inn didnít become obvious until the following morning as we explored the town of Petersburg on foot.

Alaska Bob and his brother Brian (who would later become known as an accomplished sport fisherman) were growing boys at the time and food was always on their minds.   It was just a short walk to a local restaurant for an enjoyable breakfast while planning the activities for our first day in Petersburg.

Since we were moving from the waterfront town of Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island, we had a boat that needed to be launched and moored in the harbor.  Fortunately, the North Harbor where our boat was to be located was only two blocks away from the Tides Inn Hotel.  After securing the necessary moorage permits from the nearby Harbor Masterís Office we were ready to launch our boat later in the day. The skiff float, located next to the Harbor Masters Office, was designated for boats of our size and we observed other boats of similar size that were already tied up at the float. We also noticed that some of the aluminum skiffs were actually boat rentals.  Guests from the hotel had walked down to the harbor with their fishing gear and were renting boats to go out fishing for salmon or halibut. 

Since it was getting toward lunch time we headed back to the hotel.  Along the way we discovered a take-out hamburger stand (later replaced by Coastal Cold Storage Seafood store) and enjoyed a convenient lunch back at the hotel room.

After lunch we walked to the local hardware store for additional lines and bumpers for our boat. We soon discovered that the Hammer and Wikan Hardware store, located just one block from the hotel and the harbor, offered more than just hardware. After living in a remote town with limited services, we were astonished at the variety of items that were carried by Hammerís, as it is locally known. Besides regular home improvement hardware items we also found a smorgasbord of sport and commercial fishing equipment including a large section of fishing lures, clothing for outdoor activities such as rain gear and rubber boots, housewares, boating supplies, coolers, ice, frozen herring for bait, fishing and hunting licenses, and unique Norwegian gift items.

We walked back to the Tides Inn Hotel and drove our vehicle to the nearby boat launch to put our boat in the water. After launching our boat, we were finally ready for the outdoor adventures that we would soon be experiencing in the Petersburg area.

After we returned our vehicle to the hotel, we continued to stroll the streets of Petersburg, exploring the local shops filled with Alaskan art and unique gifts, visited the two local banks, found the local drugstore, observed commercial fishing boats off-loading their catch at the local canneries, checked out the local liquor stores wine selection, and purchased groceries to bring back to our room.

Later in the day, while preparing dinner in our hotel room (the Tides Inn has a few rooms with kitchenettes), we reflected upon our first day in Petersburg Alaska. We were very satisfied with our selection of the Tides Inn for our temporary lodging and appreciated itís central location in Petersburg.  We all agreed that being able to walk out of the hotel and explore on foot this beautiful town made for a truly memorable first day in Petersburg.

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